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This is the Peugeot 605 I am going to sell in west-Africa. I will be driving trough Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Spain, Marrocco, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal and finally Gambia. The trip will officially start in Paris (we will depart from the Netherlands, though). I think it would be fun to start the adventure on the Eiffel tower, just for fun (no ideas behind). It will be an estimated 9.000 kilometers. Departure date is on 2 July 2007 and it will take approximately 5 weeks. I will be accompanied by my brother. The route through Africa is perfectly asphalted since last year (except a small trail of 2 kms between Marocco (Western-Sahara) and the border with Mauritania).


According to different sources a Peugeot is well sellable in West-Africa. The Africans know this type of car and are able to repair any damage for a few euros. At the other hand there is a lot of electronica in this type of car which is actually not a benefit. For me the 605 is a great car because its very luxureous (though without A/C). Normally it should be possible to sell this car with a profit of atleast 1,5 the price in Western-Europe. Probably it will be twice the amount. With the money earned we will fly back from Dakar in Senegal. The car will be sold in Gambia. It is not allowed in Senegal to sell a car older then five years old. In a later stadium I will put a more detailled route in this blog.

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